Saturday, August 17, 2013


There's no other way to describe Yankeeland right now.  Any day you beat the Red Sox is a good day and Yankeeland has erupted!

I received a ton of email tonight. Everyone wanted to know if "this was it?" I don't know...maybe it is, but it's way too soon to know. I mean, I'd love to think that the Yankees have cracked the code, but I'm a fan like you... I just don't know.

Look, beating the Red Sox is a huge deal, they are great.  Beating the Red Sox in Fenway is even sweeter.  I just hope that the combination of Alfonso Soriano and Mark Reynolds will prove that patience in grabbing players is key, and waiting for the right player will prove genius.  That is what Yankeeland has been waiting for since April.  We shall see, but right now, I'm liking what I'm seeing... what about you?

We handed the ball to Andy Pettitte tonight.  What a great pitcher to give the ball too after a loss.  6.2 innings pitched for Andy, and he gave up 6 hits and 3 runs.  Not too bad, he delivered tonight, that was key.  The hitting and runs delivered as well.   Here is the way it went down...

In the first, Soriano singled and knocked in Brett Gardner. In the second, newly acquired Mark Reynolds hit a home run knocking in Vernon Wells. In the third, Alfonso Soriano hit a 3 run homer. In the 4th, Robinson Cano knocked in Eduardo Nunez.

In the 9th, a rally inning, Ichiro Suzuki knocked in Soriano. Mark Reynolds singled in ARod and Chris Stewart singled in Ichiro.  A nice little inning for us... I'll take it! 

Final: Yankees 10 - Red Sox 3

You know what you do when you win one, right? You reach back... and you win another... and another... and another.  Looking forward to a big one again tomorrow... GO YANKS!

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