Friday, August 16, 2013


When you hit a wall in life, there are 2 paths. Quit or push to the next level. Ty Hensley has chosen not to quit and it’s a life lesson we should all subscribe to… quitting isn’t an option… ever.

I’ve never done a thing half ass in my entire life. I applaud my parents for that.  Sure, there were choices I look back on and thought, “I should have done that”, but I grew from that decision and I moved on and whatever is in front of me now, I go for it.  Look, don’t get me wrong, pushing yourself is hard as hell.  There is disappointment and not every day is sunshine and rainbows… but in the end, knowing you did your best is gratifying.

I have 4 sons.  All are different.  All fight for what they believe in in their small world, but the message is still the same… "If you want it, you go get it."  It’s hard, and it’s hard to teach, but seeing my sons do things that I would never of had the balls to do at their age literally brings a tear to my eye.  Hey, call me a big sap.  I’m in my 40s now, I'm a parent, the hardest job in the world, and guess what, I'm also proud.  I’m literally molding these kids to be productive in their lives and not some kid with no direction.

I have always admired great teams.  I have always admired the man or woman or team that does something really great in front of the world, be it the Olympics, or baseball or life. It’s inspiring. How can you NOT like that and want the same for yourself or for your family?

Ty Hensley sent a out a Tweet yesterday.  It was subtle to anyone else, but to Yankee fans, to Ty and his family… it’s a huge stepping stone. Now, let me state for the record that  I’m not obsessed with Ty Hensley, I’m an admirer. I am obsessed with drive and the want and need to improve oneself.  And It doesn’t have to even be Ty.  It could be Derek Jeter still battling his injury and accomplishing all he has. It could be your son pitching a no-hitter in Little League, or the butcher down the street having the Grand Opening of his new and improved Mom-and-Pop shop.  Ty’s the symbol.. insert the person.  Ty was the guy many of us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue saw from a far and knew that there was mad potential.  We knew he believed in himself… and we latched on. Confidence is addictive.  Now, it just so happens that I’ve gotten to know his family alittle bit and I’m glad to know them, because the values are the same.  The message is the same… "Push yourself! Try your best. Grab on and never let go."... it’s clear.

I’m rambling now, and you’re wondering what I’m getting at.  It's this:
After a long journey, a surgery and a whole lot of rehab and waiting and wondering… Ty Hensley has started to climb his mountain.  It’s symbolic for anyone wanting something so bad that they work their way to it.  They then look up and know that “it’s time.” Guess what... it's Ty's time. Root for this kid and learn from it. 

Climb the mountain Ty. Make your family proud.  Make BYB proud… climb and never look back. We can't wait to see you in the Bronx!

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