Friday, August 23, 2013


BYB Senior Writer Erica Morales said it best.  The Sleeping Monster is awake and there are many that believe with the confidence the New York Yankees have right now... anything can be accomplished, including, winning the division.

It's amazing how a few good games can build a team's confidence... as well as a fan base by the way. We've had struggles this season.  Those games, those reports are in the record books. They are also in the past.  We've had controversy and made up stories by Bill Madden of the New York Daily News on how Alex Rodriguez will NEVER PLAY AGAIN when the suspension game down. Guess what?  He's playing.  But now, with a 5 game winning streak happening and the parts working together, we seem unstoppable.

I certainly got down on my team this season, but there is no time for that now.  Now is the time to dominate. Now is the time to win and keep winning and reach back and continue to do great things every game.  Today I tweeted this:
It's simple.  The Yankees can do this.  I picture my boys making incredible plays while the instrumental Training Montage of Rocky IV by Vince DiCola plays.

Push now more than ever.  Let those "moments" push this team further.  Let 4000 hits by Ichiro pick this club up.  Let the Joe Girardi argument after the Ryan Dempster plunk resonate with us fans... think about what needs to be done here.  The Yankees are 6 games out of first place and just a few away from the Wild Card.  3 weeks ago I would have told you that it was probably over.  Tonight, it's a much different story.  Steve Skinner said it best in WITH A HUFF & A PUFF... THE YANKEES WIN! "Anyone else feeling 1978-ish?"  It reminds me alot of that.

(In Photo: Ron Guidry, 1978)
A team that could. A team that believed and outsmarted and outplayed the Red Sox. We are at that "moment"" again... It starts with Hiroki Kuroda tonight and continues in this Rays series!

The late pickups of Alfonso Soriano and Mark Reynolds makes sense now.  The great pitching by Ivan Nova and Hiroki Kuroda and lately Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia is all happening at the right time.  The "close" return of Derek Jeter could catapult this club after this weekend.

Even Brett Gardner is doing the little, and big things to help get wins! One thing is clear... we need to believe.  When you believe, anything is possible,  As fans, we've had huge celebrations and horrible losses... but now is the time to remember the good times, for we are the Yankees and we CAN do this!

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