Thursday, August 29, 2013


Whenever we hear the name "Alex Rodriguez" or "ARod" usually the first reaction is "Oh, God. What now with Alex?" It's true that any news that surfaces daily involving Alex gets everyones attention and we are all tuned in for it. Whether you love Alex or dislike him, you are as curious as the next person. It reminds of the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show. Where it's all about one man's life and his story is part of our daily lives as Yankees and baseball fans alike. 

We watch closely awaiting for an exciting conclusion. The only difference is that Alex is aware he is on live. Truman Burbank had no idea he was a living script. This is the world of Alex Rodriguez and everyday is a new chapter, and we the people are the audience! 

Sure there are ARod sympathizers. By that, I don't mean they deny him of any wrongdoing. No, they just view him as a human being who made a mistake. They are willing to forgive and forget. Alex gets love from them and he gives it back with autographs and pictures and all that good stuff that comes with meeting a well known athlete. 

They want him to go out there and help the team get back in the race. The team is 13-10 since Aug. 5th when Alex returned in Chicago. His presence is making a difference. Then there are Alex defectors, who see him as the team cancer, and see his reputation as irreparable and tarnished for as long as baseball exists. No matter how hot Alex gets, he is the villain, disgracing the pinstripes and the tradition and preservation of the Yankee legends. To them Alex's name does not belong in the same sentence as Mantle, Maris, Gerhig, and even with Jeter. They get love back from Alex. How? He is deafened to the jeers and heckling at every ballpark by just going out there and tuning it out. Make no mistake Alex hears it, he's not ignoring it. They even want a picture of him just to say "Look at this, I was this close and got this shot of him." 

All for bragging rights, because everyone wants to be involved somehow. But in the end, those who defy him are just as inquisitive to know what the guy is doing in his daily life. I said it back in a previous BYB piece. POOR AROD, DOES HIS RETURN MEAN ANYTHING? I want Alex to help out, however... which way? It seems that a few are catching onto it. Not all, just a few. It's how I felt all along. I am just like all of you looking for any ARod nugget the media will write up. Why? Because all eyes are on Alex, and yes, it IS interesting. Alex knows it too. No matter what he does or where he is, Alex knows he will always have an audience. So, don't miss the next episode of What will Alex Do Next? I know I'm waiting for it. Are you?

-- Rudy Laurens, BYB Writer
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