Thursday, August 15, 2013


But there is no question I was pretty pissed watching Boone Logan give up a Grand Slam to Chris Nelson, a guy we temporarily had in the Yankee organization to plug a hole. To me, today's performance by Boone was inexcusable.

Look, I am tired of hearing that the Yankees "almost won" or "Oh, that's just Boone Logan... we won the series though." I look at the bright side better than anyone, but it's August 15th... no more mistakes, OK?  It's pathetic already.  Sure, you play to win the series, but you also play to try and win every game. I know, I've set the bar high... no team has ever won 165... but they should try to, that's all I'm saying.

The Yankees were in the game when Boone Logan came in. at 3-1, we had a shot in fact, the final was 8-4, and if you take that stupid Grand Slam out of the equation... it is possible the Yankees win that game 4-3.  Sure, you can't go back but this loss will piss me off until the Boston series starts... that's just me. Hence, when Logan gave up that Grand Slam, I tweeted this:
Sorry about that... I'm not a violent guy, just annoyed.  I would have been less aggravated if Mike Trout hit it, at least then I wouldn't have been thinking about Chris Nelson and the fact that he was a Yankee for 3 minutes.

Anyway, this is actually a recap.  Here it goes... the Yankees lost, but they won the series.  Phil Hughes started and went 6 innings giving up 3 hits and 1 run.  He too gave up a home run to Chris Nelson... DAMN YOU CHRIS NELSON!  Shawn Kelley gave up a run too but it was Boone who just shit the bed today.   Logan went 0.2, 1 hit and 3 runs and 2 walks.  It's pretty awful.

The runs for the Yankees went like this... Alfonso Soriano knocked in Brett Gardner in the 3rd for our first run.  Later on... in the 9th, Robinson Cano knocked in Gardy again.  Then a few batters later, Vernon Wells doubled knocking in Sori and Cano.  The good news was Soriano was 4-5 and Cano was 3-5.   Like Will Ferrell said in Zoolander, 'That Hansel... he's so hot right now."

Too bad Soriano's name wasn't Hansel. If it was, that joke would have been a whole lot funnier.

Final: Angels 8 - Yankees 4

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