Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The idea that Alfonso Soriano can come back to the Bronx and literally carry us on his back is something more than a fairy tale I guess. Maybe, just maybe it's become a reality like it has the past few days. New York is a buzz right now... maybe it's that cool October air creeping into the Northeast right now. Maybe it's thinking about old times with Alfonso Soriano being back.  But whatever it is, Yankee fans are familiar to it, and we've longed for it all season.  We're finally getting what we wanted all year and we hope and pray this run is the beginning of something big. That "Big" is us making it to the playoffs.  God I hope so.

I'm the first to admit that there was no way possible that this guy 15 seasons into his career would have been able to contribute any more in New York. But it's clear to Sori that there was unfinished business.  We now don't only have an old player, we have a seasoned player. He's much different than the kid that left us in a trade for ARod back in 2004.  I tip my cap... so far so good.

The Yankees romped tonight! 13 hits, 11 runs and in no time flat they will be in Boston hopefully continuing their run of wins.  7 of those runs tonight were Soriano RBIs by the way. I mean,  are you kidding me?

Ivan Nova pitched tonight and went 7.1 innings allowing 10 hits but only 3 runs.  He struck out 6 and his ERA is now 2.99.  I'm liking what I'm seeing from this guy as well, but the story tonight is Alfonso Soriano.

The scoring went like this... in the first, Alfonso Soriano hit a Grand Slam. In the second, Curtis Granderson singled knocking in Ichiro Suzuki.  Then Sori came up again and doubled to score 2.   Later, in the bottom of the 5th, Soriano homered again, this time a solo shot. Then, in the 7th, Chris Stewart singled in 2 runs. One of those runs was Alfonso Soriano.

Final: Yankees 11 - Angels 3

You can't get much hotter than Alfonso Soriano right now... the guy is locked in... and the Yankees, and Yankee fans are following.  Bring it!

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