Wednesday, August 28, 2013


One of my favorites, Ron Guidry, Louisiana Lightening, Gator has a birthday today.  This is the guy I pretended I was when I was a kid. This is the guy that transformed me into a pitcher for the New York Yankees in my backyard. I would literally throw baseballs at a plastic crate for hours at a time.  Yup, I made a fake mustache and wore a Yankee T-shirt and a Yankee hat that looked more like a trucker's hat... but hey, it was close enough.  I don't even know or remember if they sold fitted hats back then... it was the early 80's.

I even had a Ron Guidry baseball glove... and guess what? I still have it today and use it with my sons when we have catches. Any way, the point is, for that moment, all dressed up and ready to pitch as a kid in my backyard... I WAS Ron Guidry.

Happy Birthday Gator... many more!

Oh... and Go Yanks!

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