Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We haven’t heard anything new from Francisco Cervelli lately. So we decided to dig around, see what we could see. How is he doing? Is he getting better? May we expect him back soon?

The first stop was to go right to Francisco himself. We checked his twitter account to find it dormant since June 19. Hmmm. His fan page on Facebook has been silent since June 3. Cervelli isn’t talking right now.

The last time he made news was on July 4. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good news. That article talked about Cervelli getting shut down. Already rehabbing a broken hand, his throwing elbow suffered a stress reaction. He would be shut down at least two weeks. Probably until August.

Well, that was written almost two weeks ago. Since then, nothing has been reported about Francisco regarding the injury. Nothing. Nada. Ziparoonio. The best we can hope for is a press release updating us on his rehabilitation progress.

All of this may ultimately be moot. Cervelli has been named in MLB’s Biogenesis investigation. As a result, he is in very real danger of being suspended for the rest of the season along with bigger names Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.

This serves to inform why Cervelli is so quiet of late. No news is good news. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything. Keep a low profile. Were I in his position, injured twice over and facing suspension and disgrace, I would keep my mouth shut too.

Francisco is innocent until proven guilty of course. But the prospect of him returning to play for the Yankees at all this season, let alone anytime soon, seems dim at best.

It seems all there is to do now is wait and see. If he resumes his rehab, there should be an announcement in the next few days. But the chances are good that any such announcement would be made after MLB makes a decision about possible suspensions. It is widely expected such a statement will be made in the days after the All Star Game.

The bright side to a suspended Cervelli would be time now allotted to letting him heal and return next season at 100%. Perhaps he will be contrite, and a wiser player. But in the meantime, his absence would be sorely felt in the Bronx. The Yankees need him ASAP, not next year.

For now, Yankee fans can only wait and see. And hope for the best. But Francisco Cervelli ain’t talking.

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