Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News reports today, HERE, that the Phillies are interested in Joba Chamberlain. We've reported in CARLOS RUIZ IS ON THE YANKEES LIST that with Carlos Ruiz and Michael Young being dangled by the Phillies... it would make perfect sense for the Yankees and Phils to be perfect trade partners here. Strike while the irons hot! Make a move! Do something! All of that!  

Now I have no idea what the Phillies are willing to take, but assuming they take Chamberlain for say, Ruiz. If that happens, we could then move Phil Hughes to the pen, utilize Ivan Nova in the rotation, and/or pick up another starter somewhere, and when Alex Rodriguez comes back... assuming he does and he's healthy, he will return to manning 3rd base. Several different moves but doable here... and I like the sound of this.

Look, as much as I love Joba... it appears his time could be up.  Don't forget, the Braves were just looking at him last week.  Read JOBA COULD BE ATLANTA BOUND, for information on that one.

Things are starting to heat up in Yankeeland... we'll keep an eye on it for you. Believe me... things are going to happen... if they weren't, these rumors wouldn't be out there. You know what I mean?

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