Tuesday, July 16, 2013


There are players that come, and go, and you never think twice about them. And then there are players that leave a lasting impression. Those who win us other, either by their game play, or character. Nick Swisher is one of those guys.

Let's be fair, maybe I have a soft spot for Swish. He's pretty much the reason my six year old watches baseball now. The moment Swish showed up on my screen smiling, wearing a Mohawk, he became my boys hero. I mean, Swish is a rock star. How could he not look up to him? Swish took the Bronx by storm. He has this feel good attitude, that just makes it easy to love him. He has charisma to spare. And best of all, he showed serious respect to the Bleacher Creatures by saluting them during roll call.

The last couple of games in 2012 were weird. Some things were said, feeling were hurt on both sides, and watching Swish leave was a little bit like a bad breakup. Neither really wanted the other to go, but we both knew it was time. And I know, I know... fans are going to ask if I have seen his post season stats? Am I crazy?

Look, I like Swish. It's very rare that you get a player that interacts the way he does with fans. He is a genuinely a nice guy, and wears his heart on his sleeve. So, yes, I miss him, and even check in on his progress this season every few days. Sure it wasn't always sunshine, and rainbows with Swish. His post season numbers sometimes made me cringe. He hit rough patches. But he remained down to earth, and I can appreciate that.

When it is all said and done, I'm still a Swisher fan. If he had to leave the Yankees, I'm glad he is with a manager like Terry Francona. I wish him the absolute best in everything. And, yes, my son still wears his Swisher 33 jersey, and calls him a rock star.

Swish, if you're reading this, BYB still has your back. You're a-okay in our book.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer

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