Friday, July 12, 2013


(In Photo: Aaron Judge)
So apparently Giancarlo Stanton got all naked and painted with gold for this year's ESPN Body Issue, read HERE.  Well, as a Yankee fan, the only thing you want Stanton to do is come to the Yankees and play normally wouldn't care about him naked... well maybe the ladies do, but that's another post for another time.  But look, seriously,  it's clear the Marlins have no desire to part with this guy, after all, it's the  same guy who they took all his teammates from. 

Anyway, this post is NOT about Giancarlo Stanton, unless the women would like to see the "making of" Stanton naked. You can check that out below:

No, the reason for this shocking post is to tell you that we already have our future Giancarlo Stanton.  It's Aaron Judge.  The good news is the Yankees and Judge just signed a deal. That's big news.

According to the New York Post HERE, "The Yankees and Aaron Judge, a 6-foot-7 outfielder from Fresno State have agreed on a $1.8 million signing bonus. Judge is a physical away from completing the deal which is slightly over the $1.677 million signing slot for the 32nd pick in the June draft."

So take your naked photo shoot and shove it Giancarlo. We got Judge... and he has clothes on!

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