Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Yankee offense is in the toilet.  I've actually never used that term.  I usually go with "shit the bed", but recently my wife looked at me and said "What the hell does that mean anyway?" Baffled that she clearly didn't hang with "my type" of people in college... I thought maybe I'd clean it up a bit.  I like bathroom humor... sue me... I also married up... so good for me.

Here are some guys the Yankees are already pursuing. If they aren't, they are fools and they deserve to lose this year and not make the playoffs.  Let me also state that the Yankees are still my team and I am NOT bailing.  This is a reality check.  When a team sucks the life out of Yankee fans, you need a shake up.  There will be hard decisions, sometimes drastic decisions... all for the better of the team.

Russ Canzler: He was just designated for assignment by the Balitmore Orioles.  He plays 3B, and with Alex Rodriguez possibly getting suspended 100 games, (He's meeting with MLB Investigators Friday, HERE), we are in desperate need of help.  Canzler can help.  Canzler shouldn't have been sent away in the first place...

Michael Young: Young is solid.  He's also being dangled by the Philadelphia Phillies and if the Yankees can make a trade match... we must get the job done here.  Joba Chamberlain was scouted by the Phils and to be perfectly honest with you, if the Phils wanted Phil Hughes too, I'd swap for Young and Carlos Ruiz... we need to bring some life to the Yankee club right now. They would do it. The irony to all of this? Young would take the spot from Alex Rodriguez... for the second time.  Don't forget, when ARod left Texas, it was Young who finally blossomed.  Fascinating.

Ty Wigginton: I don't want this guy, but he's on the Yankees radar.  He plays 1st and 3rd.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ty is getting a good look, but out of the 3 listed, he's my least favorite.  He was recently released by the Cardinals, read HERE, so he's out there.  We'll have to see.

Here comes the overhaul... get ready.

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