Friday, June 7, 2013


Today I woke up knowing the Yankees won and everything is right despite the pouring rain in New York City.  My iPod knows I’m happy and delivers me Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones.  I walk the streets with authority.  I am a stud, I feel it. That’s what happens when the Yankees win, my iPod knows it and puts on songs that make me feel bad ass, invincible, etc. When they lose, my iPod angers me and puts on songs that I never knew were on there… that’s my life… music and baseball.

Last night it was Hughes and homers. Phil Hughes confuses me more than that high school girl who said she liked you,  but then you see her kissing another kid at the school dance. No, he’s not a whore... he’s too inconsistent. That being said, last night, he did good. He went 7 innings, he gave up 3 hits and only gave up 1 run. He also struck out 7 and didn't give up a home run.

All of the Yankees runs came in the 3rd. Robinson Cano hit a 3 run home run.  That was followed by Mark Teixeira's solo shot immediately after. Then, Vernon Wells singled and knocked in Travis Hafner.  Immediately after that, Ichiro Suzuki singled and drove in Kevin Youkilis.  Nice, I'll take that all day long.

Final Score: Yankees 6 – Mariners 1

Now Hiroki Kuroda goes against Jeremy Bonderman who has made his way all the way back from injury and almost retiring. Good for him. Normally I root for the underdog, but not today… Go Yanks!

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