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I know, I know, I was supposed to write this right after the Old Timer's Day game concluded.  Let's just say that in life, it's family first and while BYB is my family... my real one needed me.  I was out doing my dad thing all weekend... it was nuts!  To be honest, coming in tonight, the last thing I want to do was write.  But I know you want to get some of my thoughts and see some pictures of the "old timers" and maybe wake up to read this tomorrow morning, or today... oh whatever... here it goes...

Old Timer's Day has always been a truly great day. I love it.  It's funny, looking back, I don't ever remember it being rainy or overcast on Old Timer's Day. It always seems to be perfect. Today it was mad hot, alittle humid and I'm sure Yogi Berra was not exactly happy about that, but you'd never know it, he was all smiles. 

He and Whitey were introduced in a golf cart today. Hey, whatever they want! They are Yankee legends, we should be happy they are still celebrating with us. We are very lucky to have them. It's very cool to know how much they have done in their careers and they still come back to us so we can give them a standing "O"... that's Yankee baseball for you!

Seeing Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams introduced is still so weird to me.  I see Pauly as a player still.  Bernie, well, he's a fan favorite and he still looks like he could play a season.  I love those 2 and they were so important during the Yankees run in the 1990's. 

One of my rare favorites has always been Hector Lopez. Now, to be honest, I never saw the guy play, but as a kid, I was in my grandmother's attic and along with a few other no-name cards, I found a 1966 Hector Lopez.  That card was probably one of the first "old" cards I ever owned after that.  I remember reading the stats on the back and not being sure who he was.  But years later, I could rattle off his stats, along with the Mick, Roger Maris and several others.  Today, Hector Lopez was there at the Stadium and damn, he still looks great! 

(In Photo: Hector Lopez / Mariano Rivera)
There is something quite beautiful about seeing all the greats in 1 place for a few hours like the Yankees do every year.  It's a huge event, many are invited and the stadium always provides that extra energy.  The Yankees have always been gems in my eyes.  These are legends. These are greats that were created when they put on the pinstripes. They've won championships and every one of us has a special memory of one of them.  Maybe it's Whitey Ford, or Joe Pepitone.

(In Photo: Joe Peptione)
Maybe it's Steve Balboni or Willie Randolph.  For me personally, there are so many, but you know my idol is Ron Guidry. I even still use the baseball glove I got on my birthday many years ago.  I also loved Andy Stankeiwicz

Now, you can laugh at me, but there was an energy about Andy that I loved.  That, and he was short guy like me... but it was his heart I loved the most.  He was there, he understood the pinstripes and how important it was... and he played his ass off.  I had tremendous respect for that.

I hope everyone enjoyed today's Old Timer's Day.  Watching it on my DVR tonight, well, I really had a smile on my face.  I love seeing the legends... and you know what? Us Yankee fans at the stadium today? We're the freaking best too!  We love our guys, don't we!!! Go Yanks!

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