Thursday, June 27, 2013


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The Yankees are dropping like a rock and it has everything to do with offense.  Now, John Sterling had suggested today in the post game that we fans should just tip our caps to Derek Holland and sure, I give Holland some credit for keeping the Yankees shut down all game. But the New York Yankees are a professional baseball team made up of some of the most talented ball players in all of the land.  There comes a time and a place where you need to stop the routine and start a new one in order to break bad habits and gain confidence and positive momentum.  You don't start doing that in June... you're dead!
I wrote this after Robinson Cano was caught trying to get to second base:

The Yankees look pathetic, off balance and not in control of their club. Whether the Cashman / ARod saga has anything to do with it or whether or not they just plain stink is anybody guess. I just can't stand it... we're JV.

This is Sparta, or, This is the Bronx... and if you don't play, you are dumped over the side to rot.  Sure, the analogy sounds ridiculous... but this game of ball is about strategy, resilience and confidence and in the end, you need to win it all. If you don't show up like warriors, well, you might not want to show up at all.

Hand it to Phil Hughes. While he held the Rangers to 2 runs, the Yankees offense was dead.  2 hits for Ichiro Suzuki... one for Austin Romine.

If you don't hit, you clearly don't have a chance.  If it's the hitting, then it's not the pitching, like last night.  Today, it was the pitching, not the hitting. Get on the same page or the fans will riot.  Hey Cash, instead of channeling your energy toward ARod, a player not playing, why don't you concentrate on the players that are on the field? How's that sound?

Hey Kevin Long? You're the hitting coach right? You should be sweating right now.  I know I'd be.  Sure, they're professional hitters, but even professionals pull their head out and move around too much in the box.  Fix it of the fans will surely fix you!

A recap? What recap?  Yankees lose 2-0 to the Rangers... Tomorrow night, Baltimore and David Phelps on the hill.

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