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We are only one month into the season and the trending has never been hotter.  Let’s take a look at the MLB around the country and see what’s hot and what’s not. 

Our first stop is Boston, MA.  Big Papi once again is electric, not just with his bat but his mouth.  It’s kind of cool that the FCC turned a deaf ear to Big Papi’s colorful rally speech to Fenway’s faithful following the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing.  Yet, Ortiz did have to face an inquisition from famed Boston Globe reporter Dan Shaughnessy (HERE) because of his recent hot streak that elevated his average to .426 and a 27-game hit streak.   Shaughnessy states in his column that Ortiz could not be hitting this well without the help of PEDs. “Shaughnessy’s column is basically 800 or so words of him asking Ortiz a series of questions barely tip-toeing around the steroid issue with Big Papi getting angrier and angrier with each answer,” according to USA Today Sports HERE.  Ortiz’s tweet this week following his 0-5 night stated, “End of my hitting streak tonight the season still going and I hope Dan Shaugnessy is a happy man now…
Onto to Tropicana Field in Tampa where a shot heard around the nation is still echoing in fans’ heads.  J.A. Happ drops to the ground- the after effects of a screeching baseball crushing the 6’ 6” pitcher’s scull.  “The ball came to rest in foul territory halfway up the right-field line as Happ lay face down in front of the mound, his glove and bare hand covering his head and a crowd of 10,273 watching in stunned silence,” reported the LA Times (HERE) following the incident.  The issue at large- how long will it take, what pitcher will die before we address the issue of balls rushing back full speed at pitchers who have very little time, if any to react?

How about a bright light now?  I turn to Mo- our very own bright light.  Mariano’s back in Kansas City (HERE) where his devastating injury cost him all of last season.  It was in KC where Mariano tore his ACL shagging fly balls.  Mo’s not one for being superstitious, only for being the ultimate professional. 

“The only thing that will come back to me is just knowing that I got hurt there,” Rivera said. “I will enjoy it, definitely. Because that moment, and seeing where I am right now, that’s why it’s gratifying,” states Mo in Colorado following roars from fans who are heading to the ball park to catch a glimpse of the future hall of famer in action during his final season tour.  By the way, Mo is 13 for 13 this season in saves.  Gotta love him- as we share him with the rest of MLB.

Speaking of bright lights, I have to give the next shout out to the Yankee bullpen.  Yes, I am impressed with our guys.  Our mighty bullpen has a collective 1.33 ERA this May.  They have a great leader in Mo but they are a motley crew of winners collectively.  Individual high fives go to David Phelps, David “Houdini” Robertson, Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan.  Thank you guys for saving us, over and over again.

(In Photo: Chris Davis)
Finally, I am not an Oriole fan just like I am not a Red Sox fan.  But, I have to say, I like that the Orioles are competitive again thanks in part to manager Buck Showalter.  They have a good group of young guys getting it done under their veteran skipper.  In particular, Chris Davis has had his best start this year as he leads the majors in home runs with 10 and he’s just behind Prince Fielder in RBIs.  I am excited for the young star who is coming into his own this season.

That’s all I have for right now but we will keep an eye on what’s trending in the MLB all season.  Stay tuned for more. And if you see a nugget we should write about, comment!!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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