Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sure, in 1983, the Outsiders were a bunch of Greasers that had problems with the Socs, but we rooted for them. They were the bad boys, the misfits, the guys that weren't supposed to follow through with a thing in life.  They were considered a gang of losers from the wrong side of town.  Enter the Yankees, who many, including me, were concerned about.  Many didn't believe we had a shot with our own misfits...Lyle Overbay, Vernon Wells, Travis Hafner.  3rd string guys like Jayson Nix and no name Chris Nelson or even new guy Preston Claiborne.  But something's happening... they're doing it for Johnny, or Derek, or us Yankee fans.  Yankeeland is feeling pretty good right now, don't you think?

The Yankees won 3-2 tonight.  Another win scratched out and it really doesn't make a difference if it's 3-2 or 14-2, a win is a win. 

Andy Pettitte went 7 innings tonight, gave up 5 hits and only 2 runs. DRob was the bridge and Mariano Rivera gave up a hit in his inning but eventually got save #14.

The hitting was pretty straight forward tonight.  Robinson Cano reached on a throwing error and Chris Nelson scored. Vernon Wells hit a 2 run homer, his 8th and that was it, 3 runs.

The outsiders... the misfits... the Yankees. Call them whatever you want, but when it comes to forming a bond and finding ways to win... my Yankees are doing it and it feels damn good.
Final Tonight: Yankees 3 - Royals 2.

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