Sunday, May 19, 2013


This is just an important cause and something that we have helped promote every year since Bleeding Yankee Blue has began.  It's the Runyon 5K run and if you aren't familiar with it, you will be after reading this.

Since the inaugural event back in 2009, the 5K run has raised more than $2 million for the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation's effort to strike out cancer.

On August 18th, there will be thousands of people at Yankee Stadium. They will be runners, cancer survivors, Yankee fans, and people! People that want to make a difference.  They will gather and they will run to raise money.

Do you want to be one of those who takes a moment out of their busy schedule to make a difference? Well, Registration has opened! Go to (Participants are responsible for a $40 registration fee and a $60 fundraising minimum. On July 1, the registration fee increases to $50.)

We've talked to plenty of people who have given their time for this important cause over the past few years.  I asked my friend Kathi Sheehan, who ran in 2011, why people should jump in: (Read WHY THE RUNYON 5K RUN BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER)

Kathi: It is for a good cause! Remember the reason you are there. Having been fairly athletic growing up, I was a little nervous knowing that I wasn't in the shape I could have been for this event. But then I remembered that my ultimate goal was to raise money and awareness for this cause.

And how about my Twitter friend Rodney Zayas (HERE) who just registered for the run.  I got this Tweet from his yesterday:
Of course, I am happy to re-tweet that any time and I'll do it for anyone who signs up and gets the word out about the 5k run! Send me a tweet like this and I'm happy to.

Take a moment, go to the website today, think about committing and think about making a difference.  Here it is again:

And if you need more convincing, remember the Yankee heroes that have come out, volunteered their time at the 5k run and have talked to Bleeding Yankee Blue about it.  Roy White, Mickey Rivers, Ron Blomberg.  3 great guys, 3 great Yankees and as Ron Blomberg told us HERE: "Anytime you’ve been out of baseball for many years and they ask you to do something like this, it makes you feel very wanted.  I’ve been very lucky in my life that I have two doctors as kids that I understand what cancer is all about.  I travel all around doing charity events like this across the country.  Just to be part of this at Yankee stadium and to do something with the ribbon (ceremony) it means an awful lot to me."

You gotta know how important this is now. Take a moment, register and make a difference.
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