Friday, May 3, 2013


If we took away anything from that 9-1 loss to the Houston Astros the other night, it wasn’t scoring just 1 run, or that Andy Pettitte got the loss, or any of that, read HERE.  It’s Vidal Nuno.  Now you look at this post and say “What the hell are you even talking about?”  Hear me out, because as I enter my 40’s, I see moments differently than I did when I was a kid or even a stupid teenager.  Moments.  Those moments in time that you seize upon.  A moment. A moment that you never forget and you bring it home with you, in your mind, or maybe you even have a memento that you keep forever... whatever it is.

Enter Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record who was one of the only ones to get this sweet nugget from Vidal Nuno who was brought up this week to replace a hurt Ivan Nova.  You see, Nuno is working his way up to the major leagues just like all our farm hands are. When he entered the game the other night, he got a strikeout.  They saved the ball, and for the fan, that’s the end of that story. But for Nuno… it’s his first strikeout in the major leagues.  And so, He told Pete Caldera the following:
What’s my point? Cherish the moment you seize, in baseball… in life.  When your kid gets the winning hit, sure you can remember it, but write it on their game ball and let them put it on their dresser top.  It's an achievement, a stepping stone... a moment.  Not only does one need them, one grows from those moments… Nuno is clearly about to grow from his.

Pete Caldera does it again. Good work as always Pete. Way to go Vidal Nuno.

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