Sunday, May 12, 2013


It's never easy being a mother.  It's the hardest job in the world.  My mother did an incredible job with my brother and I and I know she did because my head's on straight.  I saw how she cared for us, worked, but still managed to help us with our homework, bring us to little league, cook dinner, read us a story and put us to bed and it started all over the next day. That went on for 18 years and then, once in a while when I came home from college and crashed on the couch... it happened some more. Bottom line, she never stopped and yet, she never seemed tired.

To this day I call my mother almost every single day. My calls are selfish and I never really realized it until right now.  I mostly bitch about my own life, my own stress and my own family, which probably isn't fair, but my mother never complains because she's my mom.  Plus, she probably understands that both my wife and I are going through the same type of stuff she did when I was a kid.  It's a vicious cycle and it will happen again when my kids reach my age... and so on... and so on... and so on.

But as I think about all my mother has done, I think about wife and all she does too.  She's a pretty incredible woman.  She's my kids biggest fan.  She fights hard to make sure they know their worth. She is always cooking up snacks and lunches and dinners and shuttling them off to little league or swimming or soccer.  She hosts my kids friends, cleans up the messes, yells, hugs, and yells some more. She's even there helping them with homework, a job I can't stand to do because I have no patience for the "new math". That's an inside joke for all you parents who know the math I'm talking about. Talk about frustrating... but that's another post for another day. In short... she's the driving force in my house and when she has a cold or needs a break, or is sick in bed, the whole "house operation" breaks down. Why? Because a dad can't do what a mom does.

The point is, my wife is pretty damn amazing.  She probably doesn't hear it enough from my children who think that video games and play dates are more important. But over time, it will all make sense to them and they'll say it more.  My wife is a strong woman. She's always right, she never stops "doing" for our kids and she never has "her" time.  She's unselfish, but she should be selfish and so today, my kids and I have put together alittle breakfast for her. This only will come after what I hope is a long morning sleep for her. Again, she deserves that, she works too hard.  Today, Mother's Day, she needs to take it easy.  In fact, all mothers do, because if you sit and think about all a mom does, it doesn't ever compete to what an average person does in a day.  A mother's day never ends, even when it does end.  Sure, the kids go to sleep, but one of them is bound to wake up with a cold, or a nightmare, or maybe they just can't sleep.  Sure the kids get shipped off to school, but someone is bound to be in the nurse's office, or maybe they got into a fight on the playground.  Sure, she will bring them to baseball practice, but when they get hit by a pitch, it's mom that's standing on the sideline making sure they're OK.  And when your older and dealing with the stresses of your own family, she'll be there too, like my mom...  to listen, to give advice and to root you on.

I'm probably the luckiest man in the world.  Not only do I have a pretty incredible mother, but my wife is one of the best mom's ever and while my kids don't always say it, they know it.

So... to the 2 most incredible mothers I know, my mom and my wife. Enjoy today. Smile today. Relax today and know that while we may not always say "I love you", there is no doubt, we do.  It's in our phone calls, or our hugs, or our waves from second base after a big hit.  It's all the little things tied up in a bow that you see every day.  How do I know it's our "I love you?"  Because you were instrumental in getting us there, and while we may not always say it out loud, we do it and that's because you believed in us all along.

Enjoy the day and Happy Mother's Day.  Oh, and a very special Mother's Day to the many moms in Bleeding Yankee Blue's family as well.  To Erica Morales and Suzie Pinstripe, our writers, have a good day... and no writing today!

To Mariana Bichette, Dante Bichette Jr.s mother. You're a positive force in her children's life and we see it in their success!

To Marci Hensley. The mother of Ty Hensley. You are one of the sweetest women I have ever met. Your positive energy helps provide goals and drive in her children and it's clear, they will succeed.

 (In Photo: Laura Posada & Jorge Jr. from Laura's Twitter HERE)
To Laura Posada, a reader of BYB, a friend of our site and a generous and strong woman who gives so much with her husband Jorge.  Thanks for being great to us, Laura!

And to Erin Robertson, a new mom who's about to take a very special journey! Have fun with the little man... it only gets better!

I tip my cap and I applaud you all for being wonderful mothers. Enjoy this day...

Happy Mother's Day!

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