Sunday, May 19, 2013


OK. Calm down perv. I'm referring to baseballs... get your mind out of the gutter.

It's Sunday.  The week was long, we all busted ass at work, with the kids, I needed to make it light right about now.  I have found some pretty fun pictures of some baseball stars... and balls.  Baseballs and the weird things they have been caught doing with them.

This our Captain Derek Jeter in what I believe was an old GQ photo shoot.  Whatever the case, I actually don't ever remember seeing it, until I put together this piece.  

This is Carlos Beltran with what appears to be him actually eating a baseball.  Not sure where it came from, who snapped the shot and why he did it but it's funny and I appreciate the lighter side of baseball. 

I took this picture last season while Bobby Valentine was making a pitching change against the Yankees.  I noticed he kept smelling the ball while waiting for the new pitcher. I remember thinking "What the hell is this dude doing?" Now, players have said that sometimes when the ball is hit hard, if you smell the ball, you can sometimes smell a faint burn of wood off the ball. I'm not sure if that's true and I'm not sure what Uncle Rico is doing here but maybe that was it.

 This is Jimmy Rollins in what appears him getting clocked. Baseballs to the head scare the hell out of me. I can't believe the photographer was able to capture this moment. It's nuts.

This is Joba Chamberlain in Spring Training. I remember seeing this and just snagged it for a future post.... like this. I hope he didn't fracture anything doing this... I kid, I kid.

Hope you enjoyed this. If you liked it, share it. If not, just politely click to another page... preferably on BYB.  Have a good Sunday everyone.

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