Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is what Barry Bonds told USA Today's Bob Nightengale when talking about Miguel Cabrera. Now, the way Nighengale sets up his piece HERE, he clearly is running a comparison piece between Cabrera and Bonds. And, he interviewed Bonds, so, no doubt Bonds and his ego are going to eek in quickly. While it may not be surprising that Bonds thinks so highly of himself, it's also highly annoying.  Anyway, this is what Bonds said in chatting it up about Cabrera:

"He’s definitely the best. It’s not rocket science here. He’s the best. By far. Without a doubt.... I was the best on the field. I did more things than he did. My game was different than his game. So comparing him, to me, there’s no comparison. He doesn’t have my MVPs. He doesn’t have my numbers. Well, not yet, anyways. But does he have that ability? Yes, he does. Does he have that gift? Yes, he does.”

I'm not a Bonds fan. I mean, I liked his ability, I think he is mad talented, but there is nothing better in baseball than doing your best "I'm not worthy" speech when it comes to talking about the up-and-comers or other talented players of the game, especially when your days in baseball are over. I think I was hoping Bonds would almost check his ego at the door... not sure what I was thinking though... I mean,  this is Barry Bonds we're talking about.

The reality is Miguel Cabrera is an animal on the field, he's always been an animal on the field and he is mad talented. 

Anyway, be sure to read Nightengale's piece, it's good.

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