Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Just an update and I'm not going to get into every detail of Alex Rodriguez because otherwise there will be post after post about what he did, didn't do and said and didn't say and when it comes to ARod, he'll probably be accused of doing something wrong. Let's keep it simple here at BYB...stuff happened today.

Alex Rodriguez is back on the field officially. According to the Associated Press (HERE): "Rodriguez is currently taking part in a 30-day rehab schedule setup by his doctors and team officials."

According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News (HERE), "Alex Rodriguez says he has a lot of 'unfinished business' after the way last season ended for him — he called it 'embarrassing'”.

Sure it was embarrassing... because you're ARod and everything you do is on the front page, good of bad.  Seriously though, that's really it when it came to Alex and baseball activities. 

In other ARod news, and from the same AP article above, he was asked about the Biogenesis. ARod said: "I can only control what I can control... I'm really focusing on all the great things that have happened in the game. I'm really focused on getting healthy, and just getting back and helping the Yankees win a championship."

Again... that's it.  Did you expect anything earth shattering? No.  It's ARod so just insert his name in any story title, like I did, and there is automatic clicks and reads... even though there is really nothing new.

I just hope the guy gets healthy, gets back and does his job.  I've been waiting for that.

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