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"Bust an ankle, you're never the same." I've heard it a thousand times.  Combine that with us thinking Derek Jeter was unstoppable and finding out last week that he wasn't, and the whole thing sucks, but it's life.

The Associated Press (HERE) chats about Jeter at the Tampa facility, saying: "Not wearing a boot and walking without a limp, Derek Jeter spent 45 minutes at the Yankees' training complex Friday while he awaits more rehab for another ankle injury."

It went on, "Jeter plans to fully address his latest injury in New York next week.When asked about his disappointment, he said: 'Of course.'"

We'll eventually do a full, in-depth analysis of the media's handling of the Jeter story later on sometime, but it's amazing to me how the media sways this story presenting "Doom" to Yankeeland.  Like for instance, when ESPN wrote (HERE) "Baseball Tonight's Curt Schilling and Doug Glanville break down Derek Jeter's injury and where he plays when he returns, if he returns." IF HE RETURNS?  Really?

The YES Network would never write that. We wouldn't at BYB either, but leave it to ESPN. And back to that previous quote for a moment.  As a journalist, do you really ask a player whose return was halted about "his disappointment?" Really? I mean, doesn't the normal man or woman know that Jeter's disappointed? Leave that question at the door. Why? Because it's obvious, and stupid.

I love Bob Nightengale's title in USA Today, "The 'real' Derek Jeter won't be back." Gee, that's for ruining my morning.  Sure, you can have an opinion like that, Bob's entitled to, but how about backing it up? No where in his piece does he even feature a physician with an opinion on the injury. Why? Just curious. I'm not really ripping Nightengale, but he is one of those "baseball insiders." Well, let's get inside... is this opinion or fact?

The best quote and analysis I read comes from Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News who says that Mariano Rivera said Jeter needs to be "selfish" in order to recover from his injury, HERE. "'This time, he has to be selfish and think about himself,' Rivera said. 'For once, you have to think about yourself, think about what you have to do to get ready. Forget about what I can do for the team; you can’t do nothing for the team right now. What you can do for the team is make sure you’re 100% mentally and physically, then you’ll be ready to help the team.'"

Mo is right, and that's why we're on the same page. BYB believes that Jeter is a team player, only thinking about the team and what he needs to do as an individual to get back.  I wrote DARK DAYS FOR DEREK JETER not to disappoint. If you just read the title, you might suggest I'm ripping our Captain, but there's more to it.  He's a winner, he's a champion, and like I wrote he did want to get back and maybe he pushed himself too much, but "Derek Jeter would want the team to go on without him and win. And yes, he'll be back one day, be it after the All Star break or later on.  But one thing we can't do as a team and as fans is think the we can't win without him, because the Cap wouldn't stand for that." All true, but Mariano is onto something.

Look, here's what we do know.  Jeter's out and he'll be out until after the All-Star Break. Sure, we shouldn't put a hard return date on this, but we also shouldn't give up on Jeter like the media has already done. After all ,they were wrong about the slow Yankee start with our old guys... what do they really know anyway?

According to the Associated Press, Cashman defended Jeter: "'Clearly he hasn't done anything wrong,' (Cashman) said. 'He was cleared to play.' Cashman stressed this is 'a new fracture, but a small one. That's, I guess, the only good part. They kept saying the word 'small.'"

With Jeter it's a mystery. Partly because he won't tell you anything and suggested a while back that he's through talking about his ankle. So, we all wait and wonder and think the worst but hope for the best.  But as fans, you never give up on your captain. Something the media will never understand.

True, it's a hard injury to gauge. It's a long recovery, we know that now.  But the Captain will be back, know that.  Whenever we have an update, we'll bring you an update, but never doubt the Cap... never think that Jeter CAN'T... because if you do... well, you'd be wrong.

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