Tuesday, April 23, 2013


"It has nothing to do with me." 
--Robinson Cano

The quote above is after Robinson Cano was asked about a Cano associate Sonia Cruz and having her name connected to Biogenesis, read that story HERE. I mean, he's right. Technically Cano isn't fingered in this story, but the fans are worried.  I see the fear. I see the worry. I see concern.

I posted NO, ROBINSON CANO IS NOT IN TROUBLE this morning and it's based on my opinion. I am being strong here, taking a chance on a home grown Yankee who I can only assume is clean. You have to be that way, or so I thought.

2 comments concerned me today. One was on Twitter. "He shouldn't say a word about the report." Maybe my friend Alan is right. But if Cano ignores it, does the New York press pounce? The New York sports media can be relentless. We've seen it with ARod for years.

Sure, Cano isn't Alex, but he knows him and he knows Melky too. He also knows Sophia Cruz and that's when the next comment got me thinking. Carol wrote "Unfortunately you are known by the company you keep. I wonder who hired her for his charity. That would be interesting to find out."

Carol's a die hard Yankee fan. She's honest, he also loves her team. She asks questions and this comment hits home, because I know if she's thinking it, many of you are.

I am not pointing fingers, but I am very curious. Alex Rodriguez, Melky ans Ms. Cruz are all connected to Cano. What will Major League Baseball find here, and if they do find something, even the smallest thing, what then happens to Robinson Cano? And... is it fair?

PEDs and baseball. It's gotten nutty and I'm getting queasy because my kids are now old enough to know what's going on. I'm glad they're smart enough to ask questions and learn rather than just calling this one a "cheater" and that one too. But it all goes back to Alex Rodriguez and his baseball card in the trash, put there by my son.

Remember, my son threw it out because someone in school told him ARod was a cheater. That card had since been removed and I did my best tap dance to explain the we need to wait and see what they find before he throws anything out. He agreed, but it doesn't seem to matter. My 10 year old has already made up his mind about Alex Rodriguez. He won't wear his jersey. He's glad he's not in the Yankee lineup and that card is now buried in his top drawer... Purgatory if you will...  until we find out the truth about Alex.

In the meantime, Let's hope this same situation never happens to Robinson Cano, because if it does, it's clear that my oldest son will be smart enough to never root for a baseball "hero" again, because if you raise your kids not to cheat, how do you then come back and tell them that it's OK for his baseball heroes to do it. You can't.

Again, and this is very important....I'm NOT accusing Robinson Cano of anything except for being clean. All I'm saying is let's hope I collect on that bet that he is clean or there will be more baseball cards in the trash over the next few months.

It's funny, baseball was always a safe escape for me. Lately it's been a mind field, especially when I'm trying to raise my kids to do right. Cano, I got you're back... I pray that you're being honest and I believe you are.
Don't let me down. Don't let my sons down.

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