Thursday, April 18, 2013


It shouldn't surprise anyone that Eric Chavez was the guy who stung the Yankees tonight and broke the game wide open.  The Diamondbacks ended up winning 6-2 tonight because of Chavez and his base clearing double in the 12th inning.  It wasn't only a win for the Diamondbacks.  It was a win for Chavez and a message to Cashman.  "You should have made me an offer." Whatever the case, what's done is done and the Yankees lost this one.  It happens.

(In Photo: Frank "Cannonball" Richards)
I was hit in the gut twice today. First getting the news about Derek Jeter and his ankle. (Read DARK DAYS FOR DEREK JETER), and then the Chavez hit.  Hopefully that doesn't keep happening.  I want to get back to winning.

Phil Hughes pitched tonight. 7 innings tonight.  He allowed 6 hits and 2 runs.  But... once again, the dude gave up 2 homers.  He's got a bad habit and that will ruin this kid.  He's got to correct that.  The rest of the pitching was decent with Boone Logan, Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson. Then, just when I thought David Phelps was in control.  It fell apart quickly in the 12th.

2 homers tonight for the Yanks and those were the only 2 runs.  Solo shots by Robinson Cano and Francisco Cervelli.  Someone asked tonight in the post game if Cervelli would be Girardi's starting catcher at this point.  Joe couldn't say "yes", and instead said, "I'm going to use both."  Would it kill the Yankees to just give the dude the starting role? Come on.

The final tonight was: Diamondbacks 6 - Yankees 2.

Next up... the Blue Jays.

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