Friday, April 5, 2013


We've had an interesting week. Opening Week. After all the "so-called" moves or non-moves the Yankees did this off season, we now start over. It's a new page, a new chapter in yet a new book called the 2013 Yankees season.  It's amazing, but it's April and baseball is back.

Not to rehash, but I must...many fans, myself included were disappointed that Cashman didn’t sign any big free agents this off season.  Plus, injuries seemed to cloud the team in Spring training.

Some questions still exist with big time Yankee players...Will ARod come back or not?  How long will Granderson be out for? Tex? We know he's fielding grounders, but when is he going to practice hitting? And our captain, our life line, Derek Jeter, how long will he truly be sidelined for officially?   Time will tell, and I'm beginning to hate that expression!

As a daily reader of Bleeding Yankee Blue, we have seen that some in the sports world, like Yahoo Sports or CBS Sports, rule the Yankees out before the first pitch was even thrown.  We even say Andrew Marchand make a simple, yet odd prediction on Twitter the other night writing:

Shortly after, Casey wrote Marchand with his thoughts:

It seems like the predictions are coming too soon, too fast and there are many that are just "out there" when it comes to the Yankees.  Then there are the sports writers that actually see the Yanks doing OK. Look at Will Leitch of predicts the Yankees winning the division with 89 wins, read HERE.  They would then lose in the ALDS to the Tigers.  Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain Dealer predicts the Yankees to make the playoffs  as Wild card team, read HERE. Paul Reindl of Seattle also picks the Yanks to make the playoffs as a Wild Card team only to lose to the Rangers, read HERE.

But what does this all mean? It means no one really knows, do they? It is what it is right now, but I can say this... George spoiled us fans and the Steinbrenner sons are not.  It was evident this winter and who knows if it will ever change.

Yes, we have a decent team and yes we are also older, but yes... we'd all love ourselves a Giancarlo Stanton in pinstripes as well.  I first read about it on Bleeding Yankee Blue and it made perfect sense.  Instead, right now we have a very excited Vernon Wells. With him, I believe we will catch "lightning in a bottle" from he and others, but ultimately, we'll have to wait and see.  The biggest thing and the most though, is Derek Jeter.  When he comes back, we can count on him to rally the team. Without him, it seems lifeless this first week, don't you think?

But look, it's been a stressful, slow and nutty off season, but like I said through this rant... we turn the page now.  We watch our club and root and cheer for whomever is out there, because no matter what, it's our team.  The doubters have already given up and the believers know we'll be playing in October. But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I...
We're finally here, Opening week.  A clean slate. Man, I still remember one of the first opening days I worked at Yankee stadium as a vendor.  Standing behind the home plate screen and watching Robert Merrill sing the National Anthem. That grass smelled so fresh... I can still smell it.  I knew that winter was over and it was a fresh start and a chance to win the World Series. And you know what? I feel the same way today. A new Yankee season means a clean slate!

So put a smile on your face... It's time to play ball... Go Yanks!

 --Dave Goode, Die-hard Yankee fan
Interviewed for his 30 plus years experience as a vendor at Yankee Stadium

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