Friday, March 1, 2013


The team is on the ropes.  Loss after loss, and Yankeeland is crumbling all around if you are  knee deep in Yankee fans like I am.  I don't care that we're losing now.  I might in fact be the exception here. Why? Because the reality is, I am of the true belief that Spring Training is for the stretch and tests that later mold a club that leads us to the championship trophy.  Read  LOSING IN THE SPRING? WHO GIVES A CRAP if you want context on that.

Truth be told, I am a true fighter and competitor and I’d be lying if I said Spring training games were NOT on in my house.  They are on. The difference is I’m trying to figure out what works and what just stinks. And guess what? That’s what Joe Girardi’s doing too.

But let’s say for argument sake that Spring Training wins DID matter though. Let's say that there WAS a record recorded and a small trophy to go with it before the season started.  We’re 1-6 right now.  What would Jorge Posada do if it DID matter?  What would Jorge say is he was there, as a coach, player, whatever. Sure, it sounds silly, but roll with it.  Posada would no doubt have a team meeting. He’d request a closed door meeting.... for the drama and for effect I'm sure.  The meeting would be quiet, but direct and as a fan and a fly on the wall, I would imagine it would go something like this:
Posada:We need to turn this around guys. Shake the cobwebs, get here earlier than you have been and I want you in that cage and extra 10 tomorrow. “

Jeter: “It may be the Spring, but we have to turn this around and it starts with whatever lineup is out there in the first inning.”

Posada: “That’s right. You set the tone. You’re body language, your effort will flow through the team if you go that extra mile. I not asking you to get hurt, I’m asking you to be smart out there, but you need to use your talent and win the next 5 games to get us back in the running. I mean, Mo can’t do everything!”

(Team Laughs)

Mariano: “No no, and I’m still working my way back so I can’t carry you."

(Team Laughs)

Posada: “It starts now! It starts with today’s lineup card, but this whole team needs to get here early for extra work, you need it… and we need to shave off Joba’s ridiculous mustache. It's bad luck or something...”

(Team laughs)

Joba: “Thanks George. It looks better today though right?”

Hughes: “Not really dude.”

(Team Laughs)

Posada: “OK gear up, grind it out and get out of there... and win!”

Ridiculous? Sure...maybe, but maybe not. One things for sure, the next week or so for me as a fan, I’m just enjoying my Yankees getting back into a rhythm. I'm casually watching them making their cuts and molding this team. Then, for me at least... the last 10 to 12 games mean the most.  By then pitchers are pitching deeper and hitters are working toward their comfort zone.  That’s what the Spring is and when the games start April 1st against the Red Sox, well, that’s where you need to get mad when the Yankees lose, but not now.  Now is just a ease-in period.   Trust me, there will be plenty of time to yell at the TV, but now isn’t that time.

Oh, and don’t under estimate me when I suggest Jorge have a closed door meeting if it counted right now.  There was something quite comforting seeing him as a special instructor with the Yanks this Spring and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.  I see him as a future Yankee manager. Sure, he’s home now and loving life with Laura and the kids, but Jorge Posada is a baseball player and he will one day lead us again, not just as a player / leader... but as a manager.   I have a hunch about that... and I think I'm right.

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