Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I’m now officially confused. 1 week ago, Brian Cashman made a joke about the Free Agent market and it not looking too good... OR, as he put it “It’s kind of like a baby pool. Kids pee in it.”, read HERE.  I understood what he was saying and what he was doing… he was being provocative as to say to the media, “Look, I don’t see a player that we could use, and so, we’re not going there.” OK… fine.

I’ve stated that life goes on in Yankeeland.  We have what we have and we just need to deal with it.  Try out a few guys at first, Juan Rivera, maybe Dan Johnson, move Kevin Youkilis over there, put Ronnier Mustelier at 3rd. Basically, we do what we need to do and try to figure it all out.  It happens all the time with injuries with teams.  Then something weird happened.   Brian Cashman became nutty…and I say that in the most affectionate way possible.

These reports about Derrek Lee or Chipper Jones, or Scott Rolen are just mind boggling to me, read DERREK LEE, CHIPPER JONES OR FRED MCGRIFF? for that context.  I mean, it’s like Cashman doesn’t know what he wants to do either. I mean, am I right?  Is it possible that Brian Cashman would actually skip over the Free Agents left over, like Carlos Lee and Aubrey Huff and go straight to retired players and try to convince them to come out of retirement?  Derrek Lee? Chipper Jones? Hey, is Tony Clark available?

(In Photo: Glenallen Hill)
Hey, maybe we sign Glenallen Hill, throw him in the outfield and move Juan Rivera to first.  Jose Canseco is willing to play on the company softball team, maybe he’s available. The whole thing seems ridiculous.

My friend Mike said to me on Twitter this morning “What are the Yankees doing?  The short answer is… I don’t know. The long answer is they are trying to get their bearings, moving things around, moving money around, saving when they can and most of all, going for the cheap alternative that can hopefully make a big splash quick and then, when their time is up, we send them home.  Sure, none of it makes sense to us, we’re Yankee fans. Many of us grew up with George and we got whatever the hell we wanted.  We’re spoiled, face it.  The hardest thing for us to do is understand this latest stunt by Cashman, and so, we don’t understand it and we become frustrated.

Off with his head!”, some have screamed or written on Twitter of Brian Cashman.  Some suggest the broken ankle was karma for a crappy off-season.  I say this… let this whole thing play out.  I am pissed just like the rest of you. I don’t get it. But something is actually happening in the process…. The kids are playing and we’re seeing dudes like Zoilo Almonte and Ronnier Mustelier and Melky Mesa make a nice run this spring.  Ultimately, we’re going to see these guys at some point this season, maybe at the start, or later. Ultimately that's what we want anyway right?  So yeah, say we DO sign Derrek Lee temporarily and then Tex comes back.  No doubt we’ll have an injury down the road again from someone else and maybe we'll see Melky Mesa in July.  Then, maybe we make a trade for another veteran, and soon, maybe we bring up Ronnier Mustelier by August.  All I’m saying is, mixing up alittle veteran help with the kids may make for a brilliant formula… a formula for a championship team.
I often think about that 1996 team. A bunch of talent, mixed in with some veterans, some kids, and we won the whole damn thing!  Don’t forget, no one thought we had a chance under “Clueless Joe”, but we did it.  We did it with a guys named Charlie Hayes, and Mariano Duncan.  Old man Cecil Fielder was there and who could forget Luis Sojo.  The point is, we didn’t think those guys could do much either… but we did win it that year!

All I'm saying is, this is the mysterious world of Brian Cashman... but don’t panic yet Yankeeland.  It’s March 12th, not September 12th… we’re almost up to Opening Day.  Cash is just getting his team in order.  Let’s wait and see what we have before we get all nutty. Have faith. I know it's hard, but have faith.

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