Saturday, March 9, 2013


Never a selfish player and that answer above pretty much sums up Mariano Rivera.  At today's press conference, he was asked if he's going to look forward to his "Farewell tour" and visiting each ball park for the last time.  There were a lot of things he could have said, but instead, he saluted the fans and not just Yankee fans, that's a given, but baseball fans. "You have to give  that respect to the fans." Think about that.   There are not many ballplayers much classier than Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera.

There was something in the water when these guys came up with the Yankees back in the 90's.  They are class acts in every aspect of the game and that translates to lessons in life. How can one accomplish as much, yet, they never make it about them?  It's always about us....  Incredible.

The press conference was sad today, but to the point. Plus, we cannot forget that we'll have a whole year of Mo in 2013 and we need to enjoy it. Read 2013 IS ICING ON THE CAKE FOR MARIANO RIVERA for more insight on where I'm coming from. And share it, I'm proud of that piece.

Oh and 1 more thing...You want to get chills running down your spine? Watch this video sent to me by @TeamMoRivera.  It doesn't get better than this...

Go get'um Mo... you're simply the greatest.

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