Saturday, March 9, 2013


Game on.

Jon Lane of YES Network says Derek Jeter is 100% per Derek, read HERE. The plan is to get him started out as a Designated Hitter and then gradually get him onto the field and fielding in live games. 

According to Jeter, "There has been a process of a few doctors visits and tests to see how it was coming along. Last time I went there it wasn't completely healed, but now it is.  It is always reassuring to have someone say that something that was broke is not broken anymore. Now, it is just getting through the normal aches and pains that come around it, as long as you know a break has healed, the aches and pains go away in time."

With all this news about the Yankees losing another of the Core Four, Mariano Rivera at the end of 2013, and we've already parted ways with Jorge Posada, it's great to hear that Derek Jeter is back and will slowly make his way back into the lineup.  At this crucial time during a really odd Yankees Spring, having Jeter back represents strength, confidence and that heart us Yankee fans have believed in for so long.

When Jeet gets back in the lineup officially, we'll write about it here on BYB.

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