Monday, March 11, 2013


Al Roker suited up at Spring Training in Tampa with the Yankees. He practiced with the Yankees as well. It's weird, I'm not going to lie. I don't get it and I didn't quite get it when Billy Crystal did it.  I mean, why can't I suit up with the Yankees?  Why can't you?

If you ask Yankee fans right now, they will agree with me, Yankeeland has been a circus this spring. Do we really need this additional distraction going on at Yankee camp? I mean, he didn't poop his pants again, did he? Look, I do have a sense of humor, I really do, but come on, we are 3 weeks away from Opening Day, it's almost time to get serious now.  Do we really need Roker down there?

The best article about Roker had to come from the Detroit Free Press who was sarcastic from the moment they started the piece, writing: " the Yankees' most unconventional attempt yet to bolster their ailing lineup, third baseman/weatherman Al Roker threw in front of club officials on Monday.

Roker, a non-roster invitee, was issued jersey No. 98 -- never a good sign for a player's hopes to crack the opening day roster. And like many of the Yankees, Roker's probably a bit past his prime at 58. Plus, Roker has a history of knee problems and was known to struggle with his conditioning before 2002 gastric bypass surgery..."

The full piece is HERE.  I will say though, it was good to see him laughing it up with the gang.  I am especially glad to see Reggie Jackson back with the Yankees.  I wondered if he would be at camp after last years comments about Alex Rodriguez.  Read TIME TO GET REGGIE BACK INTO THE MIX.

Anyway... 3 weeks away and things are getting serious in Yankeeland... I can't wait to get started.

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