Monday, February 25, 2013


When I first read that Alex Rodriguez gave his cousin Yuri Sucart his 2009 championship ring, and now Sucrat was putting it up for auction with Goldin Auctions, read HERE, I was stunned.  I immediately thought "ARod must be a moron. The guy pretty much carried the Yankees to the finish line in 2009 and was amazing in that playoff run.  It's crazy that he'd just give his ring away."  Well, my instincts were right so to speak, meaning... this story is bunch of crap.  Why? Because we're not talking about Alex Rodriguez's ACTUAL ring.  We're talking about a replica ring that Alex made up, along with several others that he gave out to family and friends.  That's right, before you do what I did and jump down ARod's throat for being a moron, know this... this ring story, is not a story.

According to the most thorough story on this I could find, Bloomberg Businessweek, "When New York won the World Series in 2009, Rodriguez gave an identical copy of his ring to Sucart, Goldin said, citing a signed affidavit that comes with the ring...Rodriguez said in a statement through public relations firm Sitrick and Co. that he ordered “numerous” copies of the ring and was unaware Sucart was selling his."

That's the real story.  That's the story you are not hearing about.  So yeah, before you jump on the media bandwagon that "hates Alex Rodriguez", know this... Alex is a billionaire and if he wants to make multiple copies of his 2009 championship ring to give out, he can.  In fact, if he wanted to buy a pony, he could.  My point is, it's his money, let him do whatever the hell he wants to do with it. Furthermore, if someone wants to sell a gift that he gave, that person, like his cousin, is allowed to do that. That's not against the law. Sure, it may go against proper etiquette, but it's not illegal.

It's a non-story ladies and gentlemen... and if you actually do want to delve into some journalism, why not ask this question... why is this Yuri Sucart involved in this story again? I mean, this is the same guy that was connected to Alex when he had to come clean about using PEDs, read HERE.  Maybe this guy needs to be looked at alittle closer.

The ring story though? It's nothing too important... just a ARod bash-fest once again... and it's ridiculous.

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