Sunday, February 24, 2013


The Robinson Cano contract talks have started swirling again. At a press conference last Monday, Cano attempted to avoid questions about his contract and free agency. Still, he mustered out an “It’s not about the money” line.

Okay, let’s be objective about this. One thing is clear, the Yankees aren’t going to go near the Robinson Cano contract until November. Not seriously anyway. And it makes sense for them to hold off. That's my take anyway.
First, it’s no secret why Cano hired Scott Boras. He wants to get every last dollar he can and it’s his right to if he thinks he's earned it. This is a business after all. If an employee performs well, they should get paid their worth. However, if the Yankees try to approach this before November, Boras will try to drive up the asking price. It’s how Boars works. This will start a bidding war the Yankees don’t want.

Allowing Cano to play this season, to fully analyze his worth, will make sure that the Yankees are fully prepared when talks with Boras start. This way they have a realistic idea of what his contract should be and can avoid over paying.
But I think there is a second motive here, though. It’s common knowledge that Cano and Melky Cabrera are close friends and that Alex Rodriguez was one of his mentors. Now, Cano has never been accused of steroid usage and I am not hinting at that point either. But, with two former Yankees and two current Yankees right in the thick of it, it is very likely that the organization just wants to play it extra safe with the players they sign. Not just Cano. And honestly, I think that is a smart move. Again, this is also my opinion from the outside looking in.

BYB wrote about Cano and his contract in LET CANO EARN HIS NEW DEAL IN NEW YORK and I agree with that idea whole-heartedly. Let Cano play his heart out this season and leave the contract talk for November. This will make sure that Cano gets the contract he deserves and that the Yankees know exactly what they are paying for. And remember... it's business, there's also that chance Cano may find a new home... let's hope not.

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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