Sunday, February 10, 2013


Let's face it, there isn't a ton of news reading about Mark Prior, Javier and Daisuke Matsuzada, but there are some good nuggets... plus, Kate Upton's been up to some stuff too.  Can't leave her out...

Mark Prior: Prior is in the best shape of his life.  Thank God.  According to Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, He wants one more shot.  Read about it HERE.

Javier Vazquez: The Nationals like Vazquez, but Vazquez isn't sure if the Nationals is for him.  That comes from the Washington Post, read HERE. Yankee fans are hoping Vazquez is NOT on the radar for the Yankees.  BYB wrote WILL THE YANKEES REUNITE WITH JAVIER VAZQUEZ? and we've been getting a lot of concern from Yankee fans about it.  

Daisuke Matsuzada:  According to Jon Heyman of CBS, Matsuzada has just signed a minor league deal with the Cleveland Indians.  You can read Jon HERE.

Kate Upton: Upton has done it again.  She is appearing on her second Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, back to back... read HERE.  Photo above.  This past year she's been all over the place, including Bleeding Yankee Blue.  Congrats to Upton, and well... there are a lot of men happy with the choice I'm sure.

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