Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here's a question... If you're Alex Rodriguez and you've been hammered by the press since the day you signed with the Texas Rangers, accused of being a greedy bastard and a selfish player, then you go to New York and get heat for stinking in the playoffs and then admitting using PEDs in a ESPN interview, constantly being put under a microscope...  Why in the hell WOULDN'T you use have an official spokesman??  If I'm Alex, I hide in my mansion, work out privately and keep the media away from me. Why? Because at this point, they are a poison in his life! Not following me? Keep reading.

Bill Madden of the New York Daily News, whom I respect, but was alittle surprised by, seems to be missing the story about Alex and his connection to this Miami anti-aging clinic. Maybe that's just him getting alittle comfortable in the role he plays in the media, or maybe it's just another case of ARod bashing.  Look, for me,  the story isn't that Alex is "deflecting all these allegations away from him" like Madden says, (Read HERE), the story is, if you play the ARod role here, the guys been piled on so badly, it could literally make a guy lose his wits.

Yes, we can all agree that Alex has done this to himself, especially if Major League. Baseball concludes he is guilty.  But I have said this for a long time now; Alex is getting his ass kicked daily by the media. He's gotten knocked down many pegs and has been truly demolished and some of it, dare I say, is alittle unfair.

Truth be told, we're talking about Alex here, a fellow human being like you and me.  I will bet you a bottle of wine that if Alex DIDN'T have a spokesperson, he'd get crucified as well. He can't win no matter what he does.  Enough is enough already. The ARod attacks need to stop, after all, need I remind everyone that other star players are also attached? And now Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli apparently are now on the list too. Read HERE. Alex didn't send them there.

Now the media is going after the Yankees for keeping Alex's workout location secret, read HERE. Well, why the Yankees protect this guy?  Last time I checked, Alex was still a member of the Yankees. The Yankees are following the rules of the investigation, waiting to see what MLB says. Alex and the others are innocent until proven guilty. So, the Yankees are doing what the Nationals and Rangers are doing with their accused, business as usual until the investigation is concluded.

The Bill Madden's of the world need to stop. The piling on is relentless,  it's vicious and breeds hatred. Again, in the grand scheme of things, what the hell did Alex do? sure, he disappointed people, IF all this stuff comes out to be true and yes, you've all seen my kids baseball card of Alex in the trash last week, but since that happened, that card had been taken out of the garbage. Why?

Because I told my son something important about this whole PEDs mess. "Innocent until proven guilty". I simply said we don't know yet. I also asked him to make a very important choice. I told him that if MLB say that if Alex is in fact guilty of wrongdoing and is in fact connected to that Miami clinic and it's all true, my son would then have to decide how to handle his baseball card of Alex Rodriguez. One thing I didn't want my 10 year old doing though was jump on the "hate train" so quickly.

Bottom line, I don't hate anyone, and in this new year, I'm trying to play things out so I can think more clearly than to just react without looking into the matter. Sure, if Alex proves me to be a fool, it's on me, but I just don't want to jump "all in" and attack a guy that may or may not be able to keep his head straight. The whole things complicated and confusing and still on going... we need to wait... we also need to stop the Anti-Alex media blitz.

That's my take anyway.

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