Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love to read Joel Sherman.  In the New York Post today there is an interesting nugget about how the Yankees talks with Robinson Cano, are now "clouded" because of the deal they signed with Alex Rodriguez back in the day.  Oh man... here we go.

Sherman writes (HERE): "Even if Cano is able to table all pressures and concerns — as he promised to do yesterday — and performs at an MVP caliber in 2013, well, there is still that empty locker.

Because the Yankees have nothing these days but regrets about giving A-Rod a 10-year, $275 million contract following his MVP-winning 2007 campaign. That empty chair haunts the decision makers, leaves them more averse to impulse buying with no long-term cautions.

There are five years at $114 million remaining on A-Rod’s deal, and the Yankees see the $27.5 million they will be charged annually toward the luxury tax payroll as the greatest impediment to their obsession to get under $189 million in 2014."

So now, because the Yankees signed Alex Rodriguez, they can't sign Cano? That's what we're hinting here? Seriously?  Let me shed some light on this... Bottom line, it's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback.  It's easy to see the light after all that's happened.

Look, it is my opinion that the Yankees had a plan when Alex Rodriguez was signed to the Yankees... some can disagree and that's fine, I respect that. See, I believe that at the time Alex was the best player in baseball.  The Yankees were blinded by the idea that ARod could very possibly become the all-time Home Run champ in pinstripes.  The idea was to bring the trophy back to the Bronx with the hottest home run hitter out there at the time. So, because they could afford it and the timing was right, they went for it.  Now, years later, the only thing that's "cloudy" is that the Yankees made a mistake.  That being said, if the Yankees wanted to sign Cano long term now, they could, but there's more to it... 2 words, Scot Boras.

Look, the Yankees know that signing Robinson Cano long term is the right move, but they can't go "blaming" Alex Rodriguez for an idea that they may have had...and failed on.  Now Cano has stated that "It's not about the money", but we're talking about a guy who changed over to get Scott Boras as his agent. So, if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.   It's ALL about the money and even Cano knows that.  Boras is the biggest money grubber out there and he'll do anything he can to get Cano the biggest deal he can be it in the Bronx or elsewhere.  Now, Cano should be smart about it.  After the 2013 season, he should settle on a 3 to 4 year deal at a reasonable "per year" salary, that, of course... is if he TRULY isn't about the money, but I am not so sure this scenario happens.

In the end though, mistakes happen, and life goes on in baseball, the Yankees more than anyone know that.  We all know the Yankees aren't truly strapped for cash, they just want to get under that $189 threshold.  But there are also quite a few names coming off the books at the end of 2013 and if they wanted to, they could make a pretty fair offer for a pretty fair amount of time without breaking the bank for Robinson Cano... and they still wouldn't have to blame Alex Rodriguez... but they should get it done.

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