Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Important points were revealed by Joe Girardi yesterday, but none more important than his assessment that his team has talent and could win a World Series.  It's true.  When you step back from the chaotic offseason and look at our club, the Yankees have what it takes to go all the way.  Will it be easy? No, we're not the 1998 Yankees... but we can do it.

Read Jack Curry's piece on, HERE, there were some nice nuggets. Nuggets you as a Yankee fan should be relieved about:

"... Girardi, the eternal optimist, preached optimism. The manager emphasized how the Yankees have the same starting rotation, essentially the same bullpen (with Rivera replacing Soriano) and the same infield back. Since the departures of Martin, Swisher, Ibanez, Chavez and Andruw Jones mean that almost 100 homers have left the building, Girardi acknowledged that the Yankees must be a different offensive team. The Yankees led the Major Leagues with 245 homers in 2012.

'I believe we're going to score runs,' Girardi said. 'It's just going to be in a different fashion.'"

Now look, I'm a fan of the long ball like everyone else, but the reality is, I've been preaching the simplicity of Baseball, something I said since last year when we were aiming at fences... the fundamentals of baseball.  Getting a runner on and getting a runner over...the basics.  Read YANKEE BASEBALL: THE BASICS OF HITTING. We weren't built for that last year, but we are this year.

Jack had that covered as well: "Girardi meant the Yankees would rely more on Brett Gardner, who missed most of last season, and Suzuki to help create some offense with their speed. It won't be easy. Some fans groused that the Yankees hit too many homers. Cashman has already said that those fans will get their wish and will see a time with less power. By the way, hitting homers was never a problem for the Yankees. Every team wants to blast homers. It was the lack of situational hitting that buried the Yankees."

So what do we have? A different Yankee club and so, we'll  need to just sit back and enjoy it.  More on enjoying it in a future post.  My buddy Rich said something so simply about sitting back and enjoying this 2013 club and it's for a very good reason... we'll tell you what he said in a post tonight or tomorrow.  Look for it.

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