Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We've been so spoiled by Derek Jeter's ability to play this great game, that if we heard the other day at his presser that he would NOT be ready for Opening day, THAT would be news.  The fact that Jeter said he would be ready, or at least is "targeting" Opening day, isn't surprising at all. I mean, this is Derek Jeter we're talking about.  After his amazing career, after all he's already done, it's almost a given at this point. Am I right?

We're talking about Jeet, our shortstop, our Yankees Captain, our leader. Even with him recovering from that frightening ankle injury during the top of the 12th inning in Game 1 of the ALCS which resulted in surgery, read HERE, no one and I mean NO ONE should be surprised.
Man... looking back at that game, I got a numb feeling seeing Jeter lay on the field. BYB was one of the first to report it... read DEREK JETER HURT. OUT OF ALCS WITH FRACTURED ANKLE to relive that.   It was the same feeling I got when it happened to Mariano Rivera earlier in the year in Kansas City when he tore his ACL.  To see it happen to two of the original Core 4 members who are symbolic to the Yankees legacy is a lot to endure.  I'm really glad to say it is great to see both of them back at it this Spring.

Now, many of you read the Associated Press report of the Derek Jeter press conference stating he was targeting  Opening Day as his return, read HERE.  When I saw that, it was music to my ears.

Don't forget Derek had to have his ankle surgically repaired having screws and plates put it in there to help brace the bones together, which will remain in there permanently. He is limited to certain workout activities and we may not see him play much through some exhibition games, as he continues to rehab that ankle.

Nonetheless, I am certain we will see Derek come April. Why? Because that's the way Jeter wants it and he's on target.  He is one of the hardest working players in this game. I cannot recall Jeter ever do anything half-assed in his time a Yankee. To quote a recent BYB article, RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT, JETER'S BACK!,  "He will lead our Yankees out of the tunnel.That he will. We know baseball rosters are comprised of 25 players, but with Derek around the team, it bonds like family.

So for 2013, let's enjoy every time we see the Captain make his trip to Short from our dugout. Let's take in every play he makes, every throw to first. Let's embrace that chilling moment when you hear the words of the late Bob Sheppard saying, "Now batting for the Yankees... the shortstop... Number 2... Derek Jeter... Number 2." I know I will.

-- Rudy Laurens, BYB Writer
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