Sunday, February 17, 2013


With pitchers and catchers reporting last Wednesday, there has been some talk about our starting rotation. CC Sabathia in particular. There seems to be some concern over his elbow after the bone spur this off-season.
To start, I want to remind people that CC’s bone spur was originally found when he pitched for Cleveland. In fact, it is completely possible that he has been pitching through it for years. Had it continued to go untreated, it could have caused joint locking.

CC has kept his ERA at 3.22 over a course of 4 seasons. Concern? Not really, if you look at what he's done since 2009, his 2 years with 19 wins (2009, 2011), his 21 win season in 2010, there is nothing to be worried about. In 2012, they dealt with it and sure, while anytime a pitcher has that kind of elbow surgery, it will not be a thing to worry about.  I believe that. All his did was reduce the risk of more serious issues later if it was ignored.

The Yankees and the Daily News reported that CC’s elbow is healthy, read HERE, writing that CC said: “I definitely feel a relief, just having that range of motion back and not having that ache at the end of my extension. I felt that right away, so hopefully I can just continue to get better and continue to feel less. After last year, going through what I went through pretty much the whole second half, playing catch so far, it feels a lot better.” He feels healthy. He is more comfortable throwing. And that's a good sign.

Now with every session in the Spring comes butterflies and CC had some as the Daily News (HERE) says: "...the big lefthander admitted to getting “a little nervous” as he climbed atop a mound at Steinbrenner Field.

'It’s the first time doing it and I hadn’t been up there and didn’t know how I was going to feel... I immediately felt good and felt comfortable after the first couple of pitches... I probably didn’t throw a strike, but that’s normal for my first bullpen... Actually throwing off a mound and not having any pain feels good.'"

The greatest thing about CC is that he is an Ace through and through. He is willing to put in work and to go as far as the team needs him to go. I really feel like CC will come back and be the CC Monster we all know and love. Remember... it's Spring, we have a ways to go!

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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