Friday, February 22, 2013


Just a quick note that cannot be overlooked if you're a Yankee fan.  We all knew Jorge Posada was going to be a guest instructor for the New York Yankees. That was practically revealed when Laura was suiting up for her Yankees Wives Camp over the winter.   Read YANKEE BASEBALL IS BETTER WITH THE POSADAS for the context on that one. Here's Laura below rocking that out!
Anyway, now, thanks to the great work by Erik Boland of Newsday and the great reporting by Jack Curry of YES, we have a quote and a photo of Jorge Posada on the ground in Tampa right this second.  Damn, I love Twitter:

Here is Erik's photo:
(Photo by: Erik Boland)
And here are a few Tweets from Jack Curry when he spoke to Posada about pulling an Andy Pettitte and unretire (HERE):

Look. This post is all about eye candy.  There is no doubt Yankeeland loves the Posadas and it's just great to see Jorge there chatting it up with the gang and bringing that hard-nosed energy into the clubhouse.  Looking forward to a great season and I'm just glad he's there, that's all.

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