Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I heard it.  It was grisly.  The Yankee fan’s worst nightmare- getting blasted by a pitch.  And it happened, in the second official Yankee game of the spring.  Grandy is out for 10-weeks with a broken forearm.  But, folks, I am here to tell you that even though this is a terrible blow or as USA Today says (HERE), “fly (chaser) in the ointment,” all is not lost, friends.  We’ve got Gardy!  And he’s gonna dig deep and fly.  Going three for three on Monday, Brett Gardner is one of the most underrated players in the game today.  Now it’s his time to shine.  Now it’s his time to make it happen.
Gardner has saved more runs than anyone else in baseball. If he doesn't win the Gold Glove this season, the entire voting system will need to be destroyed. Add in his nearly forty stolen bases, .338 BABIP, and his 4.3 WAR which is beaten only by Matt Holliday, Ryan Braun, and Alex Gordon, and you've got yourself an underrated player,” according to 2011 article in The Business Insider, HERE.  The article goes on to say that Girardi needs to put more faith in his swift outfielder and bat him first.  Now, Gardy didn’t win a gold glove last season and missed pretty much all of 2012.  But, he’s back, better than ever and he will not disappoint.

After Sunday’s game, Gardner put it all out on the table, "I'd like to lead off. It'd be silly to say I love hitting ninth, you know?" Gardner said. " ... It's not something I'm really concerned with, but maybe if I have a really good spring it's something they'll consider." I for one would applaud Gardy batting first.  We could use his OBP to creep up and if we are looking to bolster our small ball, then getting Gardy into the lead off spot is for me!

According to our skipper, Joe Girardi, in an article published in the Daily News (HERE) just after the injury to Granderson “Sometimes because of an injury someone gets to shine and winds up being there a long time. We’ll see.”  Bringing up some of our young talent to tap off the outfield may be a great way to switch things up. 
(In Photo: Melky Mesa)
Melky Mesa and Zoilo Almonte (who homered and threw a runner out at third base in the Yankees’ spring training opener against the Braves in Lake Buena Vista, read HERE); and non-roster outfield candidates previously slated for Trenton or Scranton, Adonis Garcia and Ronnier Mustelier.” 

A farm team favorite from the get go, the home-grown Yankee 29-year-old gritty center fielder has to dig deep mentally and physically to earn back his spot and develop leadership skills in the outfield.  I think he has it in him and like Girardi said, now is the time to entertain new scenarios for the good of the team and for the good of the game.  Hopefully one of these new scenarios sees Gardy back, better than ever, ready to embark on a career best season!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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