Friday, February 8, 2013


The good news is Michael Pineda could throw off a full mound by next week.  The bad news is he won't be ready until June. That being said, Pineda's been confronted with many hurdles since he showed up in pinstripes between injury and his DUI.

But now, according to Larry Rothschild, things are looking real good: "So far, he’s had no setbacks, which is always positive... But there’s a long way to go with it, too.”  Andy McCullough of hte Star Ledger also writes: "Rothschild has monitored Pineda’s rehabilitation exercises for the past six weeks. The process figures to be arduous, as Pineda rebuilds strength in the surgically-repaired labrum of his right shoulder. Rothschild expects Pineda to graduate to his first full throwing session off a mound next week." The full piece is HERE.

Good for Pineda...cross your fingers.

In other Yankee pitching news, Jose Campos has come along nicely and is finished with his rehabilitation stint. According to the Yankees Vice President of Baseball Operations, Mark Newman (HERE): "He has finished his rehab program and will be ready for the start of Spring Training.”  Nice! Don't forget Campos had injury last season and was put on the shelf for elbow trouble. Read UPDATE OF JOSE CAMPOS from May 2012. It is my belief that Campos is the key to that Jesus Montero-Michael Pineda trade. 

Look, there have been plenty of crappy things going on in Yankeeland lately, but we have the talent, no doubt. Once we get on the field in 4 days, we will start to get psyched again. The boys will be back!

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