Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Ken Rosenthal of the Fox Sports just Tweeted HERE that Michael Morse is getting interest from 5 or 6 teams. ESPN is saying the Yankees are interested in Morse, read HERE. Nice. I'm going to make a statement that you may or may not like.  I dig Mike Morse and not only that, my son liked him when he and I once watched him crank one out in a pre-season game a few years ago. We were both intrigued. I wrote about it in WHY IT'S COMING TOGETHER, a piece from 2011.  I wrote then:

" this is not a Yankee thought, it's a baseball thought. Who the hell is Michael Morse and how can we get him in pinstripes? Anyone see last night's game? I'm a sucker for home runs and power and watching then soar out of a ball park. To me, it's part of what makes baseball so special. Morse is a monster at the plate and had a monster shot against AJ. I just want to say, I wish this guy well. He could have a future in the majors if he gets more at bats per year."
Morse is a righty. Morse has power and Morse is probably cheaper than the other options out there.  I will bet something is going to happen between the Yanks and Nationals when it comes to Morse. Stay tuned...

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