Thursday, January 17, 2013


The Yankees have said that they will use Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli as their catching duo this season. Spring training will be where they battle it out for the starting position, with the other playing back up. All eyes are on Cervelli now.  We were crystal clear about that when we posted a piece titled CERVELLI'S MISSION IS CLEAR... WIN. Luckily for BYB, we have a following and Francisco Cervelli himself shot off a Tweet to us, appreciating our love fest with the guy.

Cervelli was originally signed as back up for Jorge Posada. It was thought that he would take over the starting position once Posada left. Through what I like to call a series of unfortunate events, that has yet to happen. Last year, during spring training Cervelli made a clear case for back up catcher. Then, on the last day of spring training, he was optioned to Triple A when we got Stewart in a trade with the San Francisco Giants.
During the winter league in Venezuela this year, Cervelli suffered whiplash after getting hit from a foul tip, read the rest HERE. Although the MRI’s that were taken in Venezuela came back clear, the Yankees had him flown to Tampa for their own tests. Cervelli has a history with concussions, so it is easy to understand why they would want to be cautious about that sort of injury. Those tests were also clear. He was allowed to finish the winter league in Venezuela and should be fine for spring training.

So why do I bring it up? It seems like Cervelli has been injured every year during spring training thus far. Considering how crucial it is for him to remain healthy and play well this year that could be a huge issue. Cervelli has the drive and determination. He has said several times that he wants the starting catchers job with the Yankees. He has heart. I like that about him and it makes me want to see him succeed. He has the chops to become our starting catcher. That became more than obvious after that last minute trade last season. Although it was clear that Cervelli was not happy about being optioned down, he came back and has made it clear he is even more determined now than he was then.

Baring injury and another last minute surprise trade for a catcher, there isn’t much that will keep Cervelli from giving it his all to prove his worth to the team. I’m looking forward to him showing his pure grit on the field as he battles it out for the starting catchers role.

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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