Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I once wrote that I was pretty positive that the Yankees were tired of Scott Boras and his antics and were willing to not sign his clients. I thought that was coming into play when the Yankees were trying to decide between Joakim Soria and Rafael Soriano a few years ago. At the time, Cashman didn't want Soriano and I made an educated guess that if he knew he could rid himself of Boras players, he would. It was then that the Yankees forced in and signed Soriano. The Yankees then had to deal with Boras for 2 years.

Edwin Jackson was never a superstar pitcher but when he was with Boras, he was manipulated and tricked into thinking he could be a 6 year, $52 million dollar man somewhere. He wasn't, and had to settle for 1 year with the Nationals. Jackson did the right thing and dumped Scott Boras. This year he got a 4 year deal with the Cubs, still alittle ridiculous, but good for him, he's no longer with Boras.

Now this off-season, players that should probably have jobs right now, don't and I suspect Scott Boras has a lot to do with it. I mean sure, Rafael Soriano finally was able to land a job, but it was only for 2 years, worth $28 million, read HERE.
Now, the underlying question is, what happens when Robinson Cano ends his last year in New York in 2013? Then what?  Well, I suspect Scott Boras will try and make Cano the richest player ever and I fear that it will be the end of  Cano in pinstripes. If that happens, it will be a damn shame. Greed kills players. Its a business, I know that, but it's also a game and when a player commands that much money, it's no longer innocent, it's artificial. Sure, if a player can command a gigantic salary, they should go for it, but for me personally, my point of view toward those players change dramatically. I view them differently. I don't see them as saviors of the club, I see them as distractions.

Look, for a guy like Alex Rodriguez, I throw him into that category and yes, you've seen me write about how much I want Alex to succeed. It doesn't erase the fact that he became a distraction in the Yankee clubhouse.

But back to Boras for a second. It's clear to me, and I'm just an outsider here, that the world of Scott Boras is ending. It makes me happy. Sure, Boras has hundreds of clients, but in my perfect world, I'd like to see teams start to turn the other way and not be so interested in a Boras client... Again, Rafael Soriano had trouble looking for work. Is it because he's a Boras client? Maybe? Will Jose Valverde have a harder time getting a job because Boras is his agent? Maybe, (read HERE.) Would Edwin Jackson have gotten a better deal last year than a 1 year deal with Washington if Boras wasn't there overshooting? Maybe. Will the Yankees turn their back on Cano at the end of 2013? Maybe... Especially if Boras is demanding outrageous numbers... and you know what? At that point, I don't blame them, I really don't.

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