Saturday, January 26, 2013


We know that Ken Rosenthal of FOX said earlier this week that the Mariners and Felix Hernandez are looking to work out a 4 year deal worth $100 million.  You can read that in FORGET KING FELIX... HE'S ABOUT TO GET LOCKED UP.

Now Jon Heyman of CBS has a different story... of course he does. He's "hearing" that there are no contract negotiations going on between the Mariners and King Felix. In fact, Felix wants 6 years and knows it will happen eventually.  You can read Heyman HERE. Heyman writes: " serious talks taking place at the moment, sources familiar with the situation tell And if the Mariners are interested in a four-year extension to the two years left on Hernandez's current contract, as was reported this week, that's not likely to kick-start talks.

Hernandez has stated many times in his career he'd prefer to stay in Seattle, but word is he'd seek at least a six-year extension. Such a deal would surely make him baseball's best-paid pitcher, at least in terms of total dollars."

Look, this is a clear cut case of "my dick is bigger than your dick." I hate these games that take place between sports writers. And while we're on the subject. Let's chat about the phrase "sources familiar with the situation". What the hell does that mean? Just say... a "source". I know a person familiar with the situation. He's my dentist, he thinks Felix is staying in Seattle his entire career, but that's just him.

Bottom line, this is a Yankee blog.  I'll tell it to you straight from my perspective and from a guy that understands where Felix's heart lies.

King Felix will stay in Seattle for as long as he can.  He has given no indication that he would ever leave Seattle.  He likes Seattle and loves the fans.  Now... Would he come to the Yankees if the price was right? Who knows, but I hope so and reading that a deal may not be talked about right now gives me hope, from a Yankee fans perspective, like maybe we have a shot. But at the end of the day, I just don't know. I mean, I know I want him here, but this is a crazy baseball world. No one knows, not even Jon Heyman's person familiar with the situation. No one. 

One thing is clear, there will be a deal between the Mariners and Felix, whether it's now or later.  Sure, I jokingly believe one day Felix could and should be in pinstripes... but I just am not sure that's in the cards.  Whatever the case, I wanted to bring this to you, just so you know.

Now... it's Saturday night. Go out, get a drink at the town bar and  think about all the moves the Yankees made this offseason.  Oh yeah... that's right... they really didn't.

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