Sunday, January 27, 2013


We're a Yankee fan website.  But more importantly, we're baseball fans first.  We come from around the globe to chat about the Yankees, baseball and for me personally, how it all intertwines with life.  There are many parallels for me personally and I see it all the time.  Maybe that's just me thinking too much or too hard or whatever, who knows.  I do know this, I love the players, all the players that bust ass to become major league ball players, to become the greatest, but more importantly, to help their teams, a group of 25 guys, win a championship.  To me, that's the greatest achievement and it doesn't matter what team I see celebrating on the mound after a baseball season is complete... it still brings a tear to my eye. (Yes, the Red Sox would be the exception... I'm a baseball fan, but I'm not crazy.)

Stan Musial was put to rest yesterday.  Stan won 7 batting titles and was a staple and an icon in St. Louis, but in baseball as well.  I've never met the man, I've never seen the man play, but I know that he was one of the nicest men to ever put on a uniform and man with more focus and determination that many of the players that play the game.

I found this video on of the eulogy of Stan Musial by one of my favorite sports guys ever, Mr. Bob Costas.  Costas has always been amazing and I love the way he calls a game and more importantly, I love the way the man talks baseball. I get chills when he tells the stories of the greats and I could listen to him chat about Stan the man, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle for hours.  Bottom line, anyone who has a baseball card in his wallet is a friend of mine as far as I'm concerned.

Here is Costas speaking at Stan's funeral.  A eulogy you will love:

Strangely, I have a favorite eulogy, if it's possible to have a favorite eulogy... and that would be Bob's eulogy of Mickey Mantle back in 1995.

Mickey wasn't always perfect, but he loved the game of baseball and he wore the pinstripes proudly. Costas did an amazing job back in August of 1995 and for all these years, for some reason, I often think about it.  Today, when I watched Costas again, I thought about 1995 again, and I had to put this post together for all of you. 

Costas is a class act there is no one better.  Rest in Peace Stan. I applaud you Bob and we miss you Mick.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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