Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The San Francisco Giants have signed Scott Proctor to a minor league deal.  That is being reported by TC Palm, read HERE.

Proctor said of the deal: “It’s an honor to play for an organization that has such a winning tradition... (San Francisco) focuses on the fundamentals that I believe in and to get a chance to play for an organization that does it the right way is quite an opportunity for me.”  Well, good for him.

Man, it feels like just yesterday I wrote about Proctor signing another deal.  I went back just to see when it was.  I found it, it was WHY SCOTT PROCTOR'S MOVED ON. That piece was from January 2012 and he signed on to play in Korea.  Well, he's back, there you go.

I love keeping you all up to date on former Yankees.  Next I'm going to write about Felix Heredia.  I hear he opened a deli in Brooklyn with Wayne Tolleson... I'm kidding.

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