Monday, January 21, 2013


The New York Mets have signed Pedro Feliciano to a minor league deal.  That story is coming from MLB Trade Rumors, HERE.

This is the same player that ripped the Mets in 2011 when he got hurt. Read HERE. It was in the New York Post that Feliciano shot back at the Mets. Mind you, this is from 2011 and as you remember, Feliciano never pitched in the major leagues for the Yankees:  "In response to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman saying the Mets 'abused' Feliciano, Warthen said the Mets did not re-sign Feliciano this winter because of how much they had used him. 

'That's not right when he said, 'That's why we let him go,' ' said Feliciano... Feliciano said he never felt abused by the Mets, but he did question why they left him in some games to face right-handed batters. His bigger issue, however, was with Warthen.

'He said I would blow up this year. They didn't want to sign me because I'll blow up. It hurts.'"

I guess you go where you can go if you need a paycheck.  I don't fault Feliciano for wanting a job, I just wonder if after that silly spat with the Mets, is it really the right place to run back too? I mean, the Yankees paid this guy for 2 years and we never saw him. Who knows... just weird to me I guess.

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